Our Quality


In our factory in Hövelhof, we have been producing according to the highest standards and in pure Halal quality for over 20 years. Quality work only with the best ingredients.

Excellent ingredients are the basis of our Pastırma. The selection of our meat and spice suppliers is of central importance to us. Only after thorough inspection of all incoming batches, meat and spices may be processed by us. We regularly visit our suppliers and slaugtherhouses in person to convince ourselves of the quality of the products on site, so that we only process Halal meat that is really Halal.


Preis für langjährige Produktqualität


Since 2008, we have had our products’ quality tested annually by the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft). We can proudly say that every year we achieve the golden medal for the highest quality! In addition, our Pastırma products have been awarded the DLG prize for long-term product quality in recent years.

Every employee in our production is regularly trained on our quality guidelines and the handling of our products. Each of our production steps is supported by various control points, which show us without delay whether a product meets our requirements.

Process controlls


We are experts in the Turkish market. For over 20 years, we have been supplying wholesalers and retailers throughout Germany with our Halal Pastırma specialties under our own brand and as private label. We know the high demands of consumers and strive to always meet them.