About us

About us

Since 1999, the name Gürkan has been synonymous with traditional Turkish Pastırma specialties. Our passion for authentic Turkish cuisine set us a goal from the beginning: to produce Pastırma with the highest quality.

In the more than twenty years since our foundation, we have managed to integrate the special features of the traditional production of original Turkish Kayseri into a modern food company. Extensive process controls and the many years of experience of our employees enable us to continuously optimize our processes.



Our Pastırma needs to pass many, exactly co-ordinated handmade work steps to become what we know and love: a unique product with best taste, 100% Halal.

Our work

Each of our employees is an expert in their field, this is the basis for creating our excellent Pastırma.

Raw goods

We only process high-quality halal beef and lamb.

Quality control

Each of our work steps is strictly monitored and precisely documented.

Drying process

The climate of our drying hall is adapted to the climate of the Kayseri region.